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Proteomics Laboratory


The Proteomics Facility provides a variety of proteomic services including protein molecular weight determination, identification and analysis. This facility will enable FAMU Biomedical Researchers to answer pressing biological questions about the functions and roles of proteins in diseases impacting the underserved and minority populations. With sample preparation, separations, mass spectrometry, and informatics, we will be able to provide information that drives knowledge about disease pathology and target based drug discovery will be realized.

Specific Services:
• Protein separation using either 2D-Gel electrophoresis
• Gel imaging using Bio-Rad VersaDoc Imager
• Archiving and retrieval of proteomics data for protein informatics analysis
• Sample preparation
• Provide consultation on experimental design
• Provide individual/group proteomics training
• Digest samples analyzed using ABSciex 4800 MALDI-TOF-TOF
• Gel spot cutting, trypsin digestion and peptide extraction




    Organisms and Viruses

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