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Drug Discovery Core Facility


Molecular Modeling Facility
The Molecular Modeling Facility provides the modern modeling software suites on Windows and Linux platforms and technical assistance in performing QSAR, Protein receptor ligand docking, Virtual screening, Cheminformatics, Molecular Dynamics and
other functions as required for drug discovery This facility will be instrumental in assisting with the research conducted in the newly proposed FAMU-RCMI Cancer and Neuroscience Cores

NMR Facility
The NMR Facility provides instrumentation and technical assistance for obtaining NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spectra for liquid samples. This facility supports the drug discovery research and other chemical, biochemical researches to monitor chemical reactions, identify / elucidate chemical structures, and to determine purity of synthetic products. This facility also provides basic training for graduate students and undergraduate students both in the college of pharmacy and in the chemistry department on how to use the instrument to meet their research / experimental needs, as well as the requirements for medicinal chemistry or organic chemistry courses.






  • SYBYL-X ( Software )

    "Whether you need to find new lead candidates, optimize lead series, or perform other related life science experiments like modeling a protein structure, SYBYL®-X has solutions to move your discovery research forward. With capabilities for small molecule modeling and simulation, macromolecular modeling and simulation, cheminformatics, lead identification, and lead optimization, all wrapped up in an easy to use, cost-effective interface, SYBYL-X has the tools and capabilities you need for molecular design."

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